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When it comes to selling your bike, you want to make sure it’s being assessed and valued by specialists who aren’t going to take you for a ride (pun intended).

More often than not, private selling involves lengthy processes of advertising, fielding inquiries, and letting joy riders, tyre kickers, scammers and/or bargain hunters into your private home.

Australian Motorcycle Wholesalers is the leading professional motorcycle buyer in Australia. We exist to make selling your motorbike a fast, easy, enjoyable and convenient experience.

We started off operating up and down the east coast of Australia in 2014 and have since expanded to provide the same excellent service to private sellers and dealers Australia-wide.

AMW is proudly owned and run by motorcycle fanatics, mechanics and enthusiasts. We live, breathe and dream about bikes – and that’s no exaggeration.

We make the process of selling your bike quick and easy, with over the phone valuations, at-home collection and on-the-spot payments, directly into your bank account.

Customer service is our number one commitment, which is why so many of our clients are repeat sellers and direct referrals - when you know, you know.

So, whether you’re selling your treasured motorcycle to make room for an upgrade, or you need a fast cash injection and hassle-free sale, take out the unease and uncertainty.

Get in touch with AMW and see why we’re the most trusted and respected motorcycle buyer in the country.
we'll buy your bike.
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